Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"
Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"
Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"
Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"
Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"
Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"
Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"

Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH ~ Johann HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ 41 x 31"

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Johann Konstantin HANSEGGER SIGNED PAINTING on Canvas ~ Semi Nude WOMAN on BEACH

41" x 31" Framed in black painted wood. Acrylic or oil on canvas.

Hansegger painted in a wide variety of styles over his career, and this painting brings to mind pop artist David Hockney. Circa 1970s.

  • Mark: Signed lower right corner HANSEGGER
  • Measurements (WxHxD):
    • Framed - 41 x 31 x 1.25 inches 
    • Canvas - 40 x 30 inches 
  • Condition: See photos and use zoom to fully evaluate condition. Various minor nicks and scratches to frame. Canvas has stretched over time.

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About the Artist 
Hansegger, aka Johann Konstantin Egger, John Konstantin Hansegger, or Hans Egger, was born on May 29, 1908 in St. Gallen, Switzerland and died October 1, 1989 in New York City. Hansegger was a unique figure in 20th Century art, involved in most of the major movements of the century. His career spanned seven decades and five continents.

Finding solace in art from the pain of his early life as an orphan he was recognized as a prodigy, achieving his first one-man show at the age of 20 in Zug, Switzerland. Hansegger moved to Paris and became a member of an artistic circle of avant-garde artists, among them Picasso who encouraged his career and with whom he developed a friendship. Hansegger is one of the few artists to ever paint Picasso's portrait.

His styles were Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Parallels, a style he invented which he filled with symbolic imagery in bright primary colors.

After World War II, in need of adventure, Hansegger traveled extensively, holding exhibitions in Japan, Sweden, Israel and in 1947 in America where he exhibited his work along with Klee, Kandinsky and others at the Galerie Nierendorff, NYC. He also traveled to South America as well as Africa, where he did impressionist paintings of places, people and animals. In addition, he explored and developed playful Rectilinear Figurative portraits and a landscape style he called Ornamentalism. In 1953, Hansegger was invited to hold a solo exhibition at Princeton University's Art Museum. Albert Einstein befriended him and granted him the privilege of painting his portrait.

Reviews acclaimed his talent and the University offered him a position, however he chose to open a studio in New York City. He also did a great deal of work in Columbia County, New York, and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. He enjoyed great artistic freedom, moving between more styles, painting for the joy of it. Portraits continued to sustain his career and included Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Toscanini, Thomas Mann, Zen Master D.T. Suzuki, Rabbi Herzog, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and many others.

1928: First one-man show and public recognition at Zug, Switzerland.
1931: One-man show at the St. Gallen Museum, Switzerland.
1931: One-man show in Munich.
1932: Participated in the Swiss National Art Exhibition.
1933: Admitted to membership in the Künstlervereinigung Zürich founded by Ferdinand Hodler, and exhibited several times between 1933 and 1946 under the sponsorship of this society at the Kunsthaus, Zurich; Exhibited in Ascona, Milan and Barcelona.
1934: Founder and director of "Künstlerhaus", Hirschengraben, Zurich; Brussels/World Exhibition, one-man show; Exhibitions in Zurich, Berne, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Solothurne.
1937: Invited to join the "Surindependents", exhibited with them for the first time. Picasso is much impressed, and Charlie Chaplin bought one of his paintings there. The exhibition travels to over 20 French cities, and Hansegger's name is established in the French art world.
1938: Paris, exhibited with Surindependents; Rome Art Club, one-man show.
1939: Won Silver Medal of Paris at Colmar exhibitions; Exhibited with Surindependents in Paris and Belgium.
1940: Exhibited in Paris with Surindependents 1941: Exhibited in Paris with Surindependents.
1942: Exhibited at Arkaden-Galerie, Davos; Active member between 1942 - 1947 of the "Allianz", Confederation of Mordern Swiss Artists in Zurich. Exhibited with Allianz in Zurich. Participated in almost all Allianz shows until 1947; Founded Des Eaux Vives Gallery and Publishing Company for Abstract Art in Zurich. Exhibited there until 1947 with Klee, Kandinsky, Arp, Max Bill, etc.
1946: One-man show in Stockholm (all 44 paintings were sold); Exhibition in Israel, where he painted Chief Rabbi Herzog.
1947: First American visit while enroute to Japan and Ecuador; Exhibited in New York at the American arm of the famous Galerie Nierendorf along with Klee and Kandinsky.
1948: One-man show in Tokyo, organized by Japanese artists. 23 of 24 paintings sold.
1949: Exhibition at the Kunsthaus, Zurich.
1951: One-man show at Durban Art Gallery, Durban, South Africa.
1952: One-man show at Gainsborough Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.
1953: One-man show Princeton Art Museum, Princeton, New Jersey.
1954: One-man show at Gallery Moderne, New York.
1955: Exhibited in three-man show at Lotte Jacobi Gallery, New York.
1956: One-man show, Gallery 75, New York.
1957: Artist's Gallery, New York; National Arts Club (International Exhibition), New York; Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
1958: Nechemia Glezer Gallery. One-man show in honor of Hansegger's 30th year of exhibitions.
1959: Columbia County Centennial Exhibition, Hillsdale, NY.
1960: Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France; One-man show, Columbia University, New York City; Exhibition, Albany Museum, New York; George Mayer Gallery, Cleveland. One-man show.
1962: Pittsfield Art Museum, Massachusetts; Sharon Art Show, Sharon, Connecticut.
1963: One-man show, Key Galleries, New York.
1969: O'Keefe Art Center, Toronto, Canada.
1970: One-man show, Spencer Gallery, Manhatten Art & Antiques Center.
1971: One-man show, Columbia Memorial Hospital Exhibition, Hillsdale, NY.
1972: One-man show at Shaker Museum Festival, Old Chatham, NY 1976: One-man show at Swiss Center, New York.
1980: One-man show at Columbia-Greene Community College. This was the dedication of the opening of the John Konstantin Museum at the college.
1981: Art in Pestalozzihaus, Zurich. Important international exhibition of Hansegger's Rectilinear Shapes series.
1988: One-man show at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen. Curator Rudolf Hanhart chose to exhibit Hansegger's Abstract Parallels series as a tribute to Hansegger's 80th birthday. Several of the paintings are now in the Kunstmuseum's collection.

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